High School Story Cheats – Gems & Coin Hack 2018


Welcome to high school story hack guide! High school story cheats is a great cheat for the high school story game. You will be in a position to unlock different characters as well as create things you couldn’t afford before hence making the game more entertaining. Read the guide below and get started.

High School Story Explained

High school story is one of the most exciting games that every gamer must love. It is fun to play and makes the player the center of attention of the institution. The work of the player is very easy; he/she should ensure their school is the town’s best high school and the largest. In this particular game, you will face stiff competition from nearby high schools so you have to ensure you beat them.
You are also allowed to date your crush. You can also customize your looks and be the most beautiful student. With the intention of becoming successful, you have three currencies in your account. They include books, rings, and coins and are earned when you successfully tackle challenges or make new friends. However, it is overwhelming and time-consuming to get enough resources to get the next level. That’s where high school story cheats come in.

How to use High School Story Cheats

1. Fill the first column with your high school story username ID
2. Enter the exact amount of each currency you require. Unfortunately, the maximum amount of each currency you can receive in a day is 99,999. This, therefore, calls for wisdom when deciding the amount.
3. After you are done filling the column, hit the “Generate” button and expect the currencies to be sent to your personal account.

Benefits of High School Story Cheats

• It is very simple to use in the game
• You do not have to download High School Story Hack tool hence no viruses
• It is free
• There is no need for rooting your phone or jailbreak

How to Get More Free Rings

There are other great ways of earning free rings. The easiest is linking your high school story to your Facebook account and begin linking students with your friends. It will not get spammed unless you hit the publish’ button. Then trade your classmates for new ones.

Work on creating books in the Library

Although books do not get cheaper when you purchase more, you should continuously get more. This is because you will require many of them to promote your learners. The simplest way is to upgrade your library and placing a 23-hour book pack order.

How to make the most of Coin Revenue
1. Always ensure your hangouts are filled with students. Keep special students and sell the one you don’t need. The higher the level of your learner, the faster you will earn money.
2. Use nerd hangouts since they have 3,500 coins and two students and obtain money faster. Jock hangouts hold only 1,000 coins while prep hangouts hold 2,000 maximum coins and 3 students before collecting them.
3. Earn money from relationships; send your students on dates.

So are you set to use high school story cheat and make your institution the best high school in town?